Polywater® BonDuit® BT-KITB6


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BT-KITB6 includes:

Bulk package of 6 BT-KIT. 

1 BT-KIT includes:

  • 2 adhesive cartridges
  • 8 mixing nozzles
  • 1 strip of sanding cloth
  • 8 Type RP cleaning wipes (cat #RP-1)

Strong, Watertight, and Airtight Adhesive for HDPE Conduit

Polywater® BonDuit Conduit Adhesive bonds create watertight and airtight conduit connections within an hour after application.  The strong bonds withstand movement and vibration, making them ideal for installation along roadsides or near electrical equipment such as transformers or switchgear.

BonDuit is easy to use and cost effective.  It requires no special training and minimal labor to apply.  Total application time is typically less than five minutes.

It is most commonly used to join directionally-bored HDPE ducts to underground PVC conduits.  It is also used to bond polyethylene to:

— PVC Couplings
— Concrete Vaults
— Transition Couplings
— Above-Ground Conduit
— Steel Sweeps and Elbows
— Fiberglass and Composite Connections
— PEX, CPVC, ABS, and Polypropylene

Field application tip: Long-barreled couplers can double pull-out strength! Deeper coupler inserts provide more surface contact area for BonDuit to work its magic. It adds strength for just pennies more.

Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® BonDuit® Conduit is a two-part curing adhesive supplied in a side-by-side cartridge. BonDuit® requires a ratcheted dispensing tool and nozzle to mix and apply quickly and easily. Several splices can be made from a cartridge (see application instructions). The cartridge can be recapped for later use with a new nozzle. Cold Weather Information: Keep BonDuit® Adhesive warm for optimal performance. Warm BonDuit® Adhesive will cure and produce functional seals in ambient temperatures as low as 40° F (4° C). Below 60° F (16° C) the unmixed BonDuit® Adhesive components thicken and become difficult to dispense from the cartridge. Keep BonDuit® Adhesive indoors or in the warmest part of a service truck until use.

  • Versatile: Bonds HDPE to PVC, rigid steel, and fiberglass conduits and fittings.
  • Superior: Stronger pullout strength than mechanical couplings.
  • Durable: Bonds with high strength within an hour.
  • Easy To Use: Requires no special training.
  • Convenient Kits: Contains all application components required for a quick installation.

Specifications and Applications:

The NEC Code: Requires PVC or galvanized rigid steel pipe to be used for the transition from underground HDPE pipe to above ground connections. PVC pipe cement doesn’t bond HDPE.

Adhesive Shear Strength: Typical bond strengths were measured by joining two pieces of HDPE conduit with a PVC coupling and BonDuit Adhesive. The force required to pull apart the joint after 24 hours at 70° F (21° C) was measured. Conduit diameter pullout force 1½” = 1233 lbs./ sq. ft.; 2” = 2,025 lbs./sq. ft.; 4” = 5,333 lbs./sq. ft.

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