Polywater® WJ-55 Lubricant J


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WJ-55 includes:

  • ½-gal/1.9-liter FEP™ lube bag in carton

Polywater® Lubricant J is the best known of the Polywater lubricants. For three decades, millions of feet of underground and industrial cable have been pulled using Polywater J. This results in both a popular and a proven product.

Friction Reduction

Lubricant J provides good tension reduction in all types of cable pulling. Use it on both electrical and communication cable. Because it has excellent shear resistance, Polywater J reduces friction well in conduit bends. Such bends are a major source of tension in cable pulling. See the sidebar Tech Data Sheet and friction measurement paper for additional friction information.

 Clean Use

Polywater J is clean and slow-drying. Lubricant J dries to a thin lubricating film that retains lubricity for months after use. Quick clean-up is especially important in finished indoor use.

 Specification Properties

Because the residue does not burn and spread flame like some of the wax lubricants, Polywater Lubricant J is often specified for pulling fire-retardant cables. Additionally, it meets typical LEED® and Green Seal criteria. Lubricant J is UL Listed and water-based Polywater J complies with CARB regulations. Specify lubricant J for long pulls, multiple-bend pulls, or pulls in a hot environment.


Apply Lubricant J by hand or with a pump. Or try prelubricating with the unique Front End Pack Lubrication System. Packages are available for all types of cable pulling.

This is the Winter Grade (WJ) version (for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C)).

Additional information

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Dimensions17 × 11 × 5 in

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