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Polywater® F-DRUM Lubricant F Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant


Lead Time: 7-10 days.

F-DRUM includes:

  • 55-gallon/208-liter drum

Lubricant for Fiber Optic Cable Pulling

Polywater® F Lubricant is a high-performance, pourable liquid recommended for pulling underground fiber optic cable. It is also suitable for pulling coaxial and copper-pair cable.

Polywater F Lubricant wets and clings to cable jacket and evenly coats the jacket surface. It continues to lubricate by leaving film after its water base has evaporated. It is compatible with a broad range of cable jackets, including polyethylene (PE) types.

Polywater F Lubricant is a thick liquid, and is applied by pouring or pumping the lubricant into the duct system.

  • Superior Friction Reduction: For lower tension and/or longer pulls.
  • Wets Out and Coats PE Jackets: Lubricates at all points of cable rub on long pulls.
  • Pourable: Can be poured into innerducts and feeder tubes.
  • Compatible with Cable Jackets: Avoid weakened or cracked cable jackets.
  • Slow Drying: Leaves a lubricious residue for lasting lubrication.

Specifications and Applications:

Lubricity: LDPE-, MDPE-, and HDPE-jacketed cable on HDPE and PVC innerduct at 200 lbs./ (2.91 kN/m) sidewall force, coefficient
of kinetic friction <0.12

Appearance: Transparent to slightly opaque, orange-colored, stringy liquid material 

Temperature Stability: No more than a 20% change in Brookfield viscosity from 40°F to 100°F (5°C to 40°C). No phase-out after five
freeze/thaw cycles or 5-day exposure at 140°F (60°C).

Cable Compatibility: No deleterious effects on physical or electrical properties of cable jackets.

Polyethylene Stress Cracking: No stress cracking on LDPE cable jackets when tested by ASTM D1693.

Flammability: Lubricant has no flash point and dried residue is not combustible.