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Advanced Visibility PSAG-1-164 Illuminating Tape


Available on backorder | Lead Time: 7-10 days

PSAG-1-164 includes:

  • 1" x 164' roll of glow tape

There has never been a phosphorescent material bright enough to use outdoors that actually solve a problem until now!

With the ability to “charge” by natural sunlight or UV (on rainy days), the material is ideal for identifying hazards, objects, machinery, trail markings, evacuation maps, stairs or hand rails etc in any low or zero light environments.


  • Very intense glow performance
  • Far exceeds ISO 17398:2004 and ASTM E2072 Multi-surface durable adhesion
  • Afterglow last over 8 hours
  • Charges in minutes
  • Comes in 3/8′, 1 “and 2” widths
  • Works while wet


  • Tools and equipment
  • Vehicles or trailers
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Hardhats
  • Labeling pipes and wires in dark areas
  • Labeling transformers or utility equipment Marking doorways, pathways, or exits