Polywater® S-1 Hot Stick Cleaner & Water-Repellent Wipe


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S-1 includes:

  • Saturated wipe in sealed foil pouch

Use Polywater® S-1™ wipes to meet the cleaning requirements of the OSHA Live-Line Tool Standard. OSHA requires that “Each live-line tool shall be wiped clean and visually inspected for defects before use each day.” See sidebar for the regulation details. The OSHA Live Line Tool Standard notes that “a hot stick can become electrically unsafe because of … a combination of wetting, surface contamination, and a loss of surface gloss …” and ” … the best defense against accidents is a clean, glossy stick that causes water to bead up …”

The IEEE maintenance standard #978 states the best way to clean a stick is to use isopropyl alcohol followed by a silicone wiping cloth. The S-1™ cleverly combines both alcohol and silicone to clean and protect a stick in one easy step. S-1™ wipes won’t add a static charge to hot sticks, unlike silicone wiping cloths. Once a dirty stick is wiped down with a silicone wiping cloth; the cloths become contaminated and lose their effectiveness.

The Polywater® S-1™ is amazingly effective at cleaning telescoping/extendo sticks so they glide into position instead of sticking. The Polywater® S-1™ makes a big difference when cleaning and protecting shotgun sticks, hot sticks, bracing arms, cutters, and jumper holders.

S-1 includes:

  • Saturated wipe in sealed foil pouch

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