2×2 Plus Series- 600V Cable Stripper with 2 Cable Bushings


  •  Double-sided design accommodates two bushings that easily change out with a hex wrench
  • Efficiently & precisely strip 600V secondary cable without damaging the conductor, even in cold climates
  • Compatible square or chamfer cut bushings for stripping 45 mil to 95 mil secondary insulations with concentric, compressed or compacted conductors #6 AWG to 750 kcmil
  • Guarded bushing cutting blades prevent injury

NOTE: The 2×2 Plus is available with or without bushings. Select square or chamfer cut bushings from the bushings tab. Please specify two bushings when ordering the 2×2 Plus.


Conductor TypeConcentric, Compressed, Compacted
Cable CompatibilitySecondary Distribution
Cable AccessEnd
Min. Cable Outer Diameter#6 AWG
Max. Cable Outer Diameter750 kcmil
Max. Voltage600 V
Insulation Thickness45 mils, 60 mils, 80 mils, 95 mils


Max. Bushing Capacity2

Bushing Sizes:

Instruction Sheet